Tim's Motivational Quotes of the Day

There can be no harvest if you have planted no seeds.

A river cannot be strong unless fed by many tributaries.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and to laugh with others.

There is no royal road to anywhere – only hard work and persistence.

 The lion is not easily distracted by the mindless chatter of monkeys.

Be mindful not to look for affirmation in the wrong places.

There are many paths to walk but only one to follow.   

It is the challenge of the new to question the old.

Set your moral compass and you will never lose your way.

If it needs to be done, find a way. 

For you to arrive at your destination, you must first begin your journey. 

Let go of what was and focus on what is. 

Adversity doesn't develop character, it reveals character. 

Faith doesn’t mean ignoring the facts. It means ignoring the power of the facts.

Live in intimate closeness with the truth and in close communion with God. 

Do your best and you will not have to contend with failure.

 Leadership is about giving a word of encouragement after failure.

Better to be a servant of faith than a slave to worry.

Seeking to know is too often an excuse for doubt.

Remain in close communion with the truth.

From the soul of elders comes wisdom. From the length of their days comes understanding.

The task that is never started takes the longest to finish..

They who flee from fear will find they will soon be overtaken by fear.

 Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.

Today is not dependent on yesterday. Don’t allow what happened yesterday to hold you back today.

Live in close communion with the truth.

Don’t be intimidated by strength, be swayed by what is right.

A sinner has a future, a saint has a past.

Break free from the crippling grip of fear, self-doubt, guilt and addictions.

As you begin to believe, so will it be done for you.

Think right and you'll live right.