Tim specializes in Keynote, Motivational and Leadership speaking engagements. His talks typically last anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes depending on the situation and topic to be presented. Tim likes to personalize each presentation to the specific needs of his audience. To inquire about a speaking engagement with Tim, connect with him by email using the "Connect with Tim" page.

"The unique brand and style Tim uses in presenting his Keynote, Motivational and Leadership speaking engagements are not learned from any formal academic institution. They are a product of his own incredible life experiences, both military and civilian. The knowledge and wisdom he imparts to his audiences are drawn not from any book learning, but from the depths of his own life experiences – a journey few could ever have experienced. It is a past too worthy to be forgotten and too valuable to be ignored."

(Gary James Hannan: Leading # 1 Songwriter, Soldier, Poet)

"Mr. Bax. We would like to thank you for the amazing knowledge and wisdom you imparted to us each evening at your jungle camp. To say that we learned a lot from your incredible experiences would be an understatement. Your input shall serve each of us well in our future missions. Please accept our unit emblem as a mark of our appreciation. You will be known to us in the future as Gandalf. I hope you accept that as a compliment."
( Team Leader: United States Special Operations Community: 2014)

"Mr. Bax. When I first began my scouting career, I never dreamed of being able to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. The accomplishments required were too great, the standards demanded too high and the merit badges necessary too many. I had already given up hope. It was only after the motivational speech you gave to our troop in Montana that I decided to try climbing that impossible mountain. I wish to let you know that two weeks ago I graduated as an Eagle Scout.  Thank you, Sir. I felt your footsteps behind me each step of the way."

(James Sanderson: Eagle Scout: Montana, 2012)

Keynote and Leadership Speaking Engagements with Tim

Mr. Bax, I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for your insightful discussion on leadership and in particular, on the leadership qualities of Lt. Col. Ron Reid-Daly.  Your unique knowledge and experience of the leadership skills required to effectively command such unconventional specialist units as the Selous Scouts proved invaluable in allowing me to complete my difficult staff assignment at JSCSC.
(Major Jim Ellerby: British Joint Services Command and Staff College: 2014)

“Tim, thank you for attending our Annual Rhodesian Reunion Dinner as Guest Speaker. I have seldom, if ever, witnessed such rapt attention from an audience not known for sitting quietly through any speaking engagement. On this occasion, they hung on every word you spoke - a remarkable achievement of itself.
Thank you again for your moving presentation.”
(John Nash-Webber: Association Chairperson: Las Vegas: 2011)